Charter any coach, and choose not just any captain

For any number of passengers in your group, we arrange for coaches of outstanding quality and best value for money: there is no better price for an equivalent performance. Nevertheless, our coaches conform to stringent safety regulations. So do our captains and pursers, who are quadrilingual (Dutch, English, French and German) or better.


You lounge

Without check-in procedures and over mostly excellent freeways, coach travel often beats the airlines in door-to-door times. Distances shrink swiftly while you lounge with chilled drinks and hot snacks or even a hot meal. You enjoy breaks at worthwhile locations.


You refresh

Of course, your coach is equipped with a fresh-water sanitary system, full air suspension, audio & video, insulated glazing and air-conditioning. Please enjoy the complimentary refreshments on board. Your purser further tailors en-route provisions to your preferences, such as fresh fruits and local pastry & snacks. Near the entrance of your coach, chilled still & sparkling water is at hand. You may also grab a bottle on your way out to an excursion, from our basically unlimited stock.


You nourish

Because good chefs attract many customers, you need to carefully select their restaurants quite early. If your group is culinary inclined, you may be as discerning in picking an eatery for lunch. If you want to maximise sight-seeing time, lunchboxes may be available from your hotel. These come with various teas and coffees from the coach pantry, or chilled drinks. While you have lunch, the coach can be some 60 miles (96 km) closer to your afternoon excursion. On most freeways, your coach will cruise near the speed limit of just over 62 MPH (100 km/h). Your captain will choose the faster lanes of traffic well in advance in order avoid slower trucks and RV's.


You plan & deviate

Imagine the ultimate luxury of setting your own timetable and deviating from it as you please. Your crew will have the coach cleaned and ready to roll at your convenience. If an excursion takes less time than anticipated, no time is lost waiting. Instead, your coach will start early in order to allow extra time for the next excursion, lunch or dinner. If you prefer to spend more time at a location, your crew will wait patiently.


You compare

Do you see a geographical pattern in your longlist of places to visit in Europe? If you could disregard proximity to international airports, would even more European cities or villages attract your interest? Then you might want to compare the total cost of airline tickets and local transfers combined, against a single arrangement with us.


You protect

The environmental aspect of your choice is the emissions class of the coach. In many European cities, euro-3 and older coaches are not allowed to enter. While euro-4 is the current standard, we invite you to ask for the considerably less-polluting euro-5 class or better. The latest euro-6 class coach can even emit potentially cleaner exhaust gasses than the combustion-air intake.


You mail, save & decide

For your inquiry by e-mail, we need very little information: an approximate number of passengers, a tentative list of places to visit, and the travel dates. We shall match your extra wishes with a selection of coaches. Upon receiving our detailed quote for the arrangement, you decide. Start your e-mail by pressing the green button (or copy the e-mail address

You upgrade

Even after you have decided, you may still enjoy unexpected benefits. Until just hours before your departure, we endeavour to provide upgrades free of charge. For example, a larger coach to give you spare seats. This allows members of your group to easily mingle amongst themselves. And there will be more luggage space in the passenger cabin. Another option is sideways-adjustable seats along the isle in 2,55-m wide coaches, giving extra elbow room for all.


Sideways-adjustible seats add space from the isle to the seats.


You choose not just any captain

While it is true that coach operators employ professional drivers, there is no need for you to endure the quirks of whoever drives your coach. First, our captains are highly educated (hence, quadrilingual), fun and friendly characters. Second, you decide which captain and purser are assigned. We invite you to meet our crews live, soon.



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